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Melasma Treatment with DM|MD Skin Care in Boca Raton, FL

Melasma is a type of skin damage that is primarily caused by sunscreen, but hormonal changes in pregnant women may also cause the skin discoloration. In these cases, it is commonly called the “mask of pregnancy.” The condition is noted by patches of brown or grayish-brown skin that typically appear on the nose, chin, forehead, above the upper lip and cheeks. It can also develop on the body, such as on the neck and forearms. People with melisma may see some improvement by applying sunscreen to the area every two hours, but this at-home treatment is not always effective.

Melasma Before and After DM|MD Skin Care Procedure

What is Melasma?

Melasma develops when certain cells in the skin develop too much color. Because people with dark skin already have high levels of these cells, they are more prone to developing melasma when the skin is exposed to sunlight and/or hormonal changes.

Risk factors for melasma are:

  • Female (only about 10% of cases are men)
  • Having dark skin, such as people who are Latin/Hispanic, Mediterranean, Asian, African-American and Indian
  • Family history of melasma

How can DM|MD help my Melasma?

At-home treatments for melasma may worsen the problem, so Dr. Man recommends his proprietary DM|MD face peel treatment. The procedure removes hyperpigmented cells to reveal skin that is more appropriately colored. Once the treatment is complete, and the dark cells are removed, you should use sunscreen to protect the skin and prevent a recurrence of melasma. Dr. Man may also recommend changes to your normal skin care routine to avoid any ingredients that trigger a hyperpigmentation of the skin cells.