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Treating Skin Concerns with DM|MD Skin Rejuvenation

Being unhappy with your skin is normal, and most people share your dissatisfaction with your complexion and skin condition. Most people simply ignore the problem, rely on medications and harsh products for substandard results or use makeup to camouflage the problems. The issue is exacerbated by the aging process as the healing properties of the skin diminish as we get older. The skin gets thinner, and wrinkles start to form. Sun exposure worsens the problem by giving the skin areas of uneven pigmentation.

The DM|MD technique is often referred to as the “social peel” because it combines the best aspects of a light, medium and deep peels. You get all the advantages of a rapid turnover of skin cells without any of the disadvantages of traditional peels, such as lengthy downtime.

DM|MD treatments are excellent for remedying the most common skin problems for men and women in Florida.

Is DM|MD Right for You?

Do you have one or more of the most common cosmetic skin problems? You might be a good candidate for the DM|MD treatment. Dr. Man advises his patients that the procedure can improve skin appearance by approximately 30%, and the results will last for up to six months before you will need a follow-up treatment.

DM|MD is not appropriate for all patients or may need to be combined with a traditional facelift for optimal results. Your consultation with Dr. Man will be used to determine what facial treatment is best for you.